About Us

Co-owners/Head Whimsy Makers/Entrepreneurs Heather Fairbanks and Alison Amundson have been friends since the University of Minnesota housing lottery randomly paired them up freshman year. Since then they’ve collaborated on many events together including fundraisers (we walked 60 miles and raised over $5,000 to battle breast cancer!) school functions (we served together on the Residence Hall Association), holiday parties (Christmas Cookie Exchanges, Gingerbread House Decorating, Epic Halloween Extravaganzas), and of course showers, birthdays, and weddings (all awesome).

Heather and Alison have always had a love of dressing up… and hosting events. We’ve learned a lot along the way, and we are eager to share it. The Whimsy Factory, LLC grew out of a desire to put a little whimsy in all of our lives. How can we help you manufacture a little fun?

photo of founders

The Whimsy Factory Co-Founders at one of the first events they ever worked on together – “Under the Sea” themed residence hall formal at the University of Minnesota.

photos of founders

Heather and Alison (with her son) dressed to the nines for Halloween 2013.