Words of Whimsy

Our Costume Criteria

Here at The Whimsy Factory, we say that we offer a “curated” collection. What does that mean? It means we spend a lot of time (and do a lot of playing) to determine which costumes to carry in our line, and we only choose a few that we really love to share with the world.

girl in costume scrubbing floor

When we decide to offer a costume in our shop we look at a lot of criteria. It has to be adorable, or fabulous, or beautiful, of course, but it also needs to be practical. We look for age-appropriateness both in fit as well as character, and we want to offer you a good value so price point really matters. We know that dress-up that are too difficult to get on and off, too itchy to wear for long, or too fragile to stand up to real kids playing are just a waste of money (and likely to cause more than a few tearful tantrums). We vet our costumes to save you this trouble.

boy in knight costume and boy in pirate costume

We prefer “real” fabrics, especially when they are washable (I’ll never hand wash a costume, it just won’t happen in our house. I don’t even hand wash my own clothes!). We like when costumes fit like clothing, without that gaping hospital-gown closure in the back. We try to avoid gowns that shed glitter like a trail of pixie dust through the house, the car, your food, behind your contacts…OUCH! (Oddly enough, it’s our pixie costume that is the only one we currently stock that has actual glitter…but at least that is thematically appropriate!).

We know not every costume will fulfill ALL of our wish list, but we like to get pretty darn close. We only offer products that we have/will actually put on our own kids, and that have a good balance of form and function. Costumes are no fun if kids don’t want to wear them, or if mom is afraid of them getting wrecked because she paid a fortune for something that is not washable and poorly made…So we don’t offer those types of costumes. We offer outfits your kids (and our kids) can wear to play in the back yard, tromp through the Magic Kingdom, and Miss P’s favorite, to impress the octogenarians at Perkins on Sunday mornings (Cinderella’s ball gown is a regular showstopper).

girl on carousel

From the mall carousel…

girl in princess dress eating

…to the mall food court (the wontons all washed off!) we want your little ones to love their Whimsy Factory apparel. And we want YOU to love it too.

Stay tuned to our blog for your daily dose of whimsy, including more information on our shows, products, and other whimsical projects.

Don’t forget to play today! ~Heather