Words of Whimsy


One of my favorite costumes in our collection is the Aviator. I have a little boy, who at 18 months LOVES airplanes and so I can only imagine that in a year or two he will want to pretend fly them. This is the perfect costume to help inspire the imagination. Not only that, but it will be great for Trick or Treating in any weather!

Little boy in aviator costume.

Growing up in California, I never really thought about how warm a costume had to be, but in Minnesota there can be blizzards on October 31. Even if there is not a blizzard, chances are that it’s going to be chilly Trick or Treating in many parts of the country. It is so easy to put layers under the Aviator without ruining the effect of the costume and there is even a hat to cover little ears!

Little boy in aviator costume.

The play possibilities with the costume are endless. My son was having fun zooming around the yard with a wooden airplane and one day, I may attempt a creative DIY airplane.

little boy in aviator costume

Why we chose this costume: The completely adorable goggles. And soft aviator helmet. And mini bomber jacket. Oh, heck, we loved EVERYTHING about this little aviator, and you will too! There is nothing more to scramble for at the last minute, this costume is ready to go for a special event or everyday play. The khaki cargo pants have an elastic waist, the full-zip jacket is embellished with patches and a furry collar, and the accessories are soft and wearable for even fussy kids. We were particularly blown away by the goggles which are constructed on a fully padded platform with an adjustable strap – they’re not just for looks, kids can WEAR these! $40

This costume comes in a 3/4 and a 5/6 . My son is wearing 18 month sized closed and the 3/4 fits him loosely with the hem and cuffs rolled up. He’s able to run around and climb comfortably and didn’t even try to take off the hat!

Little girl in aviator costume

This costume will definitely help jazz up the dress up box!

– Alison