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Preschool Paper Crafting: DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Treats!


My little turkey LOVES to do art projects! And I love handing out party favors! So this year we adapted a cute little project I saw at a Stampin’ Up display into a kid-friendly craft that will be a perfect little Thanksgiving treat for Miss P’s teachers and classmates.

Here’s what you need:


brown paper or cardstock (½ sheet per turkey),

orange and red cardstock (we used less than ½ sheet each for 24 turkeys)

regular (“scotch”) tape and double sided tape

eye stickers or googly eyes

heart shaped paper punch

Hershey bars, Oreo snack packs, or other similarly-shaped goodie

The original turkeys I was mimicking were built on Hershey bars, but P’s classroom is nut-free due to allergies, which makes bringing things a little more complicated (Hershey bars have a warning that they were created on the same machines that process nuts). Even though these will just be sent home with kids and not eaten at school, I searched for something safe. Not many candy bars are 🙁 I had read a while back that Oreos were nut-free and there is nothing listed on the package regarding an allergy warning or cross contamination risk, though I have also heard that they started manufacturing a peanut butter flavor so that might affect the very allergic. It was the best option I could find, so we got a couple packs of 12 individually-portioned cookie packs for under $5 each. It doesn’t hurt that Miss P LOVES Oreos!


Adult prep: Cut sheets of 8 ½” x 11” brown paper in half (to create 2 sheets of 8 ½” x 5.5”). The littles can do almost all the rest! I just cut the tape 🙂 Using the “regular” tape, secure the cardstock to the cookies and roll tightly. If you want to be really fancy, you could measure, score, and fold, but as a preschool craft we just rolled and then creased informally. Use the double sided tape to secure the other side.


Then it’s time for the fun part! Use a heart-shaped paper punch to cut an orange and red heart for each turkey. Sometimes this takes a lot of strength, depends on your punch, but Miss P was able to do it. You could run them through a Xyron sticker machine, or I just applied a small piece of double sided tape to each and let Miss P attach wherever she deemed best. She actually followed the example pretty closely!


The eyes were definitely her favorite part! We used these fun stickers – found at WalMart for $1.97. It was fun to give each turkey a different “personality.” I finished them off with some little sayings written in gold sharpie. I’m thinking of signing the back with “I am thankful for my friends” or something similar.


We assembled enough for her whole class while watching the last half hour of Freebirds, to keep the turkey theme going. Total cost was around $12 for 24 (we had the punches and paper on hand already), and even if they are not totally recognizable as turkeys, well, few people turn down free Oreos and a thank you note!


Happy Thanksgiving!


Don’t forget to play today! ~Heather