Words of Whimsy

Whimsy Walks the Runway

Our traveling boutique has had a busy spring, setting up at several sales events and expos, and trying something new – fashion shows! GroupFashionShowWM

We are coming off back-to-back events where tiny models helped to spread the Whimsy by showcasing our dress ups on the runway. This was way off the charts on the cuteness meter, we had such a fun time.


As a young, small business, we don’t hire professional models. Instead, we beg, borrow, and bribe all the children we know or can find into playing a massive game of dress up. This is both hilarious and terrifying. You never know what “real kids” will do up on a stage in front of a crowd. And sometimes with a sword.


There were a few who were concentrating so hard, their tongues popped out.



Some normally animated kids got very serious:


Some hammed it up, struck a pose, or took a bow:poses

As we struggled to wrangle our little volunteers and line them up for our shows, we were reminded of why we do this. Dress up is powerful. A costume ignites the imagination, and the places that children can go from there are limitless.    FashionShowCollage4

All of the running and jumping and twirling and sword fights were proof that dress up clothes inspire, and comfortable, durable dress up clothes allow for adventures and experiences no electronic game can provide.


A huge thank you to all of our little models and their parents for helping to share the whimsy, and allowing us to see the inspiration.

Don’t forget to play today! ~Heather


All of these looks are available in our online shop or check us out at an event near you.