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Monthly Archives: May 2015

A short, sappy story about the tremendous power of dress up.
May 22nd, 2015

We had a bit of an adventure today. Mesmerized by the shining sun (what is this rare thing? In Minnesota? Warmth?) Miss P and I headed outside to snap a few photos… …and locked ourselves out of the house! I circled the house hoping I had left the back door open, then halfheartedly tried to…

Dress Up Smack Down II: How to Change Your Fate
May 11th, 2015

A while¬†ago we shared our first “Dress Up Smack Down” post comparing our Rapunzel dress to one from a big box store. Today we’ll do the same with our Scottish Princess gown and a Merida dress purchased at Target a couple years back, and show you exactly what makes Whimsy Factory dress ups so amazing….