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What to wear to the Renaissance Festival – New Adventures Edition!

By royal proclamation, I hereby unveil The Whimsy Factory’s newest Adventure costumes! These durable dress ups are instant catalysts for creative play, appropriate and attractive to both boys & girls (and mixed groups, the best kind of play!), fit a wide range of sizes, are comfortable and non-itchy, and THEY ARE ALL MACHINE WASHABLE!!!!! Whoo hoo!


The Minnesota Renaissance Festival runs weekends, Labor Day, and one special “Festival Friday” from now through October 4th – and this year, The Whimsy Factory will be part of it! One weekend only, August 29th & 30th, our traveling boutique will be set up as part of Silk Road: Discover the Riches Fairy Festival celebration on The Shepherd’s Green – and we’re bringing LOTS of great options for RenFest dress up & beyond. Earlier this week we gave you some ideas for what to wear – and not wear/have your children wear. Now we’re back….WITH OUR NEW ADVENTURE LINE!!!! We are so excited to share these additions to the Whimsy family, which will be available for the first time (and in limited quantities) at our pop up shop this weekend at RenFest. Here’s what’s new:



Royal Cape & Crown – A costume fit for a King! (or Queen), this adorable 2 pc set is sized for kids 3-8 years. The puffy marshmallow hat adds a sense of whimsy to the regal cape, and the overall effect is delightful! Wear over all black for a fancy event, or over anything from shorts to jeans depending on RenFest weather. We love the bold colors & patterns, the stretchy band of the hat, and the ease of on and off with just a velcro tab at the chin. And, drumroll please…It’s machine washable!!! So let little Henry have another turkey leg, you can toss this practical combo in the wash when you get home. This little king would be a perfect option for  all of the princess events around town, like Princess Wednesdays at Mall of America and Pretty Princess Parties’ AMAZING Fairy Tale Balls!




Knight – we were sad to see our previous knight costume go, but we are quite excited for our knew offerings! These 2 pc sets include the tunic and helmet, with one size fitting 3-8yrs. The tunics are lightweight and comfy, easy to layer over summer or winter clothing, and simply slip over the head like a t-shirt. They are machine washable, glitter and velcro free, and the crest on the “armor” matches our fun foam sword & shield sets, as shown above! With the variation in weather that can occur during RenFest time, we really love the versatility of this costume. Remember, it’s not convenient to run back to your car for anything – bring layers. And while the little wooden sword and shield sets sold on the festival grounds are cute…I carried one around all of last year, and I can tell you our foam sets are MUCH lighter (and less damaging to siblings, lamps, and store displays).




Dragon – Heather has been trying to track down this manufacturer for years, we are so happy to offer this amazing hooded dragon cape in our line! The shimmery “scales” flash and shine in the sun, the lightly quilted hood offers shape and support to the dragon’s head, and the tail trails all the way down the back. Horns, scales, plates, wings – this dragon has it all! We love how lightweight and floaty this dress up is, and yet there is room to layer even winter wear underneath – important if you trick-or-treat in Minnesota, like we do! It makes a HUGE impact but can be worn over regular street clothes for events like the Renaissance Festival, parties, or daily imaginative play. You won’t believe it, but this cape is also MACHINE WASHABLE! A dragon + a knight are excellent sibling duos

Hope to see you this weekend at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival!

Don’t forget to play today ~Heather