Frost Queen

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Why we chose this costume: When everyone else rushed into a frozen frenzy, we held back and took our time. We wanted to offer beautiful gowns that were durable, practical, and didn’t rain down glitter like a plague upon your house. And car. And bathtub, couch, refrigerator – seriously, how does that stuff get into the refrigerator?!? We wanted machine washable, because if your little one loves singing these songs over and over like ours do, it’s going to get worn a lot. We wanted silky and non-itchy, and durable too. We got it with this dress. There is a glittery decal on the bodice and sleeves that evoke swirly ice powers, but we’ve seen nary a flake come off of it (and we tested this out for months before offering here!). There is a pretty but practical mesh cape, appropriate long sleeves, and a foil print on the skirt, and a line of mirrored sequins at the hem. Gown slips over the head, so there is no velcro to catch on the lovely materials. Matching doll dress also available!

Size Information: Each dress covers a three year range. Lengths are measured from shoulder to hem.

  • Large: 5-7 year olds (length 36″)

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